Friday, August 16, 2013


If you remember me reviewing and talking about his famous and infamous performance on "The Milton Berle Show" I mentioned that it wasn't his first time on the show. His actual first time on the show was on April 3rd 1956.

 The performance was filmed live on the dock of the USS Hancock in San Diego. Elvis's audience was a bunch of sailors from the ship who screamed and cheered for him. His first song is his hit song "Heartbreak Hotel" and while being short and having points when you can barley hear him, he still puts on a good show with his wonderful voice, charm, guitar playing and dance moves which I think are just as great as his moves in his next performance on the show. He then rocks the boat and dock with his new hit "Blue Suded Shoes" and his performance is just as awesome as his first performance on the show. I also love how the base player really gets into all the rock and fun, he actually steals the show for a few seconds. I sometimes do question why this performance didn't get that much controversy, I guess it was because he didn't move that much and the guitar was covering his moves up while also preventing him to move that much.

After his fantastic performance, Elvis introduces his twin brother Melvin who is really Milton Berle dressed up like Elvis complete with fake skinny legs. When Milton appears he's a riot with his funny dialogue, fun personality and humorously keeps promoting Elvis. Even Elvis seems to be enjoying Milton's performance while also staying cool. He even accidentally calls him Milton by mistake as Milton then immediately makes fun of the slip up. On top of it when Elvis plays "Blue Suded Shoes" again, Milton joins in dancing like Elvis and breaking his guitar, however, with all this happening, Elvis still remains as the focus during the skit.

That was Elvis's first performance on Milton Berle before his controversial "Hound Dog" performance on the show. Despite some errors, Elvis is rockin and Milton is a riot.


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