Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Lucille Ball, oh how I dearly love her! She's funny, charming, over the top, has priceless facial expressions, lovable and cute personality, I just freaking love her! What I truly think is his her best and most iconic performance is the show...

"I Love Lucy" is one of the most funniest and iconic sitcom series and I'm going to review it's lost Pilot episode.

Lucy and Ricky are a married couple who love each other but they argue a lot.  Ricky is going to get a TV show deal if he succeeds with his performance for the sponsors of the show, however, Lucy wants to be part of the show which goes against Ricky's wishes.

Lucille Ball as the title character and lead., well while she gives her charming and lovable performance she doesn't really shine much in the first half, the focus is on Ricky (Who will get to soon). However, once we get to the last 5 minutes, we get nothing but non stop laughs from Lucy. Desi Arnaz as Ricky is really really talented and funny. I love his singing, I love how he entertains the crowd and he's really great at playing the Bongo drums! Having a Cuban actor be a star of an American show was unheard of at the time and to see them take a chance at it not only works but showed that the producers had guts!

The episode is probably not the greatest or funniest. Like I said the ending is the only best part of the episode with Ricky performing and Lucy stealing the show, the rest of it is just ok. For you fans of the show, you'll notice some differences to the show we all know and love which is common for a first episode. Their apartment actually looks nicer, Fred and Ethel aren't in it and there's a narrator at the shows opening which I'll admit the narrators introduction to the characters is funny too.

It's a decent start to the show, it has it's moments but I can't say that it's one of the best ones. However, it's still a treat to watch.


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