Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Here's a British animated short that was nominated for Best Animated Short called...

The film is only 5 Minutes and 46 seconds long, so expect this to be a short review. The film is directed, animated and narrated by Oscar Winner Bob Godfrey (Who won an Oscar for his animated short "Great (Isambard Kingdom Brunel)") and is about the day of an old man. There's really no plot to this short, it's just a bunch of jokes that are either surprises or unusual turn of events. It starts with him meeting a punk, to getting a ticket from a cop, to seeing the Queen of England and ending with him talking about his day at a bar with a drunk. Yeah not much of a plot is it. It actually feels like watching a compilation of different shorts starring this character. The jokes and surprises, their funny but at the same time they're not as Oscar worthy gold as you think they'd be. As for the animation it's a good and typical style and the atmosphere well it's very mild. The film is not what I call Oscar worthy nor does it have anything impressive, it's just a plan and simple film with no plot. I don't know if you should see it or not but I guess if you're bored or something this is a film that's worth a look because it is entertaining.


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