Thursday, September 5, 2013


I've been asked a bunch of times to review this show and now, I'm going to review it. Here's my review on the pilot episode to the anime...


The Intro really has me pulled in. Despite myself not knowing the lyrics to the theme song because of it being in Japanese it's still a cool song. The intro throws so much at you, that you have to see it more than once to catch it all. On top of it, there are so many characters in it that I'm curious to know about, that it looks like I'm going to have to watch the show to indetinfie them. There's also a red apple that appears often and I have a strong feeling that it's a symbol of death. Overall great intro, I'm very interested in knowing who these characters are but my concern is, is the show (Or at least this episode?) going to be as good as the intro?


Meet Light, a successful High School student who hates how the world is. One day, Light finds a note book called "Death Note" where you write a persons name in the book and the person dies. After finding out the books power, Light decides to take on the role of God and pass judgement on the criminal mind by simply killing them with this magic book. Light also meets a Shinigami (A God of death) named Ryuk who created the book and will now be watching over Light.

Judging by this first episode, I'm now suddenly attached to this series! Our main character Light, I love how he starts out as this innocent High School student who hates how the world is, to a guy who's mad with power thinking that what he's doing is right. I really am interested in what he's going to do in the following episodes because I feel more chaos and struggles are going to come from this character. The God of death Ryuk, has a cool design, is a very strange and interesting character and I like that he and Light are now going to be acquaintance. I just can't wait to see more of their bond and relationship through out the series. The writing and ideas for the show and episode are really really creative and I'm amazed on how much detail they go with this book. The animation is also pretty amazing too, with it's darkness and look on a cruddy world that our character lives in, it all really has a creative passion behind it.

Overall, it's a great and interesting start to the series and perhaps sometime this year or early on next year, I'll be reviewing the whole first Season.


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