Saturday, September 7, 2013


                                                      "What time is it?"

                                                       REVIEW TIME!

                                            of my all time favorite shows on Cartoon Network. It's creative, it's funny, it's cute, it's adventurous, it's just a real good kids show as well as appealing to the older crowd. I think now would be a good time to review the first two episodes since the shows been on for awhile. So ON WITH THE REVIEW...


The intro is only 25 seconds long but man does it throw a lot at you. In the first 12 seconds we quickly pass by the characters and their land before we see our two main characters Finn and Jake. Just watching the first 12 seconds is hard to catch every glimpse of everything being thrown at you, you'll have to freeze frame your way through to catch everything. The last couple of seconds is the shows theme song as we see our two heroes have fun. The song is very short but it's very memorable, very catchy and very cute and to have something this short to be stuck in my head all day is amazing. Overall, it's a really great intro and really takes you into the shows world. On a final note, the shows closing credits is really cute and settling as well.


The show centers around the adventures of a young human boy named Finn and his brother who's a magical Dog named Jake and the two go on adventures in the land of "Ooo". Princess Bubblegum who rules the Candy Kingdom (Princess, shouldn't she be called Queen? Oh well, it's a common mistake in almost every story where the Princess is the ruler.) makes a potion to bring the dead back to life, however, the potion is incomplete and it only zombiefies the dead. Princess Bubblegum invites all the citizens of the Candy Kingdom to her Castle to keep them safe but instead of telling them what's going on, she uses a slumber party as a rouse so the citizens won't be scared and blow up as a result. It is up to Finn to keep the secret and stop all the zombies but Jake knows that Finn is hiding something. Yes it's a horror comedy, yes I should review it for horror month but the show has so many surreal things happening, as well as having plenty of supernatural horror elements that if I review every episode that has a horror or monster reference I'd probably reviewing half of the Season. It's a surreal show where anything can happen, so lets treat it for what the show is.

Our hero Finn is a really fun character. He's brave, cool and heroic but he can be a complete goofball with so many goofy qualities that you just have to love him for being both cool and funny. Jake the magic Dog has the same combination that Finn has and being voiced by the same guy who voiced Bender in "Futurama" only increases the coolness and goofiness to the character. Princess Bubblegum is the straight and serious character but don't worry she does have her funny moments. I should also add that I'm glad that the writers made her an intelligent Princess then just the usual Princess cliche we usually get. The Candy people and Jake's love interest Lady Rainicorn are also really fun characters as well as being really creative. The episode not only parodies some horror cliches and horror film genres but it also has great original material, never runs out of plot, the humor never ever stops, it's quotable, has some adult humor in it (They say "Freakin" at one point, that's the mild version of the F Bomb for kids) and on top of it, it's very very creative. To me, this show is the "Yellow Submarine" of our generation and this first episode really proves it!



Jake accidentally gets bitten by Lumpy Space Princess and now Finn, Jake and Lumpy Space Princess must travel to Lumpy Space to find a cure for Jake before he becomes a Lumpy Space creature. Finn and Jake are just as fun as they are in the first episode and their friendship for each other really shows more in this episode then the previous one. Lumpy Space Princess is one of thee funniest cartoon characters I have ever seen. She's like a mix between the ghost Fatso from "Casper" and Grimace from "McDonald's" as if they were covered with lumps. On top of it, she is obviously voiced by a guy which makes this character ten times funnier while already having a funny design and a humorous personality. The land where these Lumpy Space creatures live is very creative and very mind blowingly surreal. The humor is not only as good as the first episode but there's so much heavy adult humor and mild language in this episode that it's considered to be one of the all time crudest episodes from the show. Another great episode only this one is a dozen times funnier.


These two episodes are both really really great and this show isn't just creative and original but it brings the fun and enjoyment of being both a kid and a adult with it's clever and funny writing, cute but hilarious characters and creative but yet surreal setting.

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